Success Stories

Resume Writing / One-on-One Coaching

“Catherine is really great! During the most difficult time I’ve ever faced in my career, she coached me and identified alternate career opinions. She helped me through a stressful time by being a superb listener and made it easy to focus on the future (instead of wallowing in the past!)”
Rachel, Investigations Professional, Salem, OR

“Working with you is magical.  Not only are you an expert in your field, you ARE what you coach, bringing passion to what you do — and making it fun in the process.  I would recommend you to anyone serious about a career change.”
Kathie, Nursing Executive, Austin

“I learned to have fun with my job search and that’s a novel idea – totally on the money.  In job seeking, we’re really not looking at a mountain, we’re looking at a molehill. It takes work to even get up a molehill. But if you have fun while you’re doing it, it’s not so daunting.”
Sylvia, Business Analyst, Austin

“I can’t thank you enough for your guidance and coaching through my interviews.
I’m really glad that I called you and look forward to long lasting relationship with you.  I will definitely tell my friends and any other job seekers about you because you are the real deal!”
Danny, Financial Professional, Austin

“Thank you for your dedication to this career passion focus; I see this as a direction that will be needed by so many today, in these changing times.
As always, you have inspirational, practical directions and counsel. May the universe flood you with contacts, clients and rewards.
Karen, HR Professional, Fort Worth

“Thanks again for the terrific workshop, Catherine! I learned a lot, but—even better—I started to look at my job search in an entirely new light, thanks to your insights. I feel much better equipped now to get the job I want.”
Susan, Restaurant Group Sales, Taylor, TX

“I appreciate your passionate touch and your panache for helping people find their niche in life. Your background in media relations and advertising was especially helpful. When I pin my friends down who need to make a ‘safe transition’ – I’ll tell them about you.”
Sheila, Advertising Sales, Austin

“Catherine Jewell is an incredibly passionate and energizing coach.  She tunes into her class and provides extremely valuable and relevant guidance for navigating today’s work environments.”
Eva, Engineer, Austin 

“Your message is valuable for every professional, especially those just starting on their job search.  I feel that your presentation was the highlight of an excellent conference program. “
LeeAnn, Engineer, Houston

Just wanted to thank you for all the time and attention with my husband. He is a new and happy camper!  I find him either on the net or head-in-a-book eight hours a day. This is the passionate man I know and love. I send you both hugs and gratitude for your insight and your clarity of path.”
Sara, Energy Consultant, Dripping Springs,TX

“This training helped me minimize negative feelings from my last job, and get all kinds of new ideas about jobs I can pursue that fit my talents. Thank you!”
Linda, Real Estate Professional, Austin

“When I was laid off, I truly felt I was ‘less than.’ This experience has helped me see how powerful I really am. I will always remember that.”
Dorothy, High Tech Project Manager, Round Rock

“I had so much negativity to go through. I’m now able to focus in on the steps I can consciously take toward a new job. Your class has been very supportive.”
Anna, Event Planner, Los Gatos, CA

“I’ve applied for so many jobs, in so many ways. I appreciate the idea of getting really specific with my requests to the universe. You helped me turn it all around and have fun with this search. I am so grateful.”
Katherine, Teacher, Austin

“I’ve used my nifty new resume for a few positions and secured a part-time position right away. Today I’ll be submitting my resignation at work. And my teaching certificate training begins in a few weeks. Thanks for helping me every step of the way in my new career.”
Terri, Ad Executive-turned-Teacher, Austin