Want to change careers or find the perfect job?

Losing a job in this economy can be devastating. You feel singled-out, disrespected or even discarded. After the shock wears off, fear sets in.

  • Will I be able to make it on my savings?
  • What happens when the paltry unemployment checks stop coming?
  • Can I make next month’s mortgage payment?
  • Will I have to empty out my 401K before I find work?

You are not alone. Your experience is a common one today, and that’s why I spend my time helping job seekers just like you. I help you overcome the frustrations of online job hunting. I teach techniques that generate real jobs from companies in your own community.

Some people just need a little advice; others like to access a video, a book, or experience coaching by telephone. Some like one-on-one help by phone or Skype. Whatever service you choose, know that each one is proven to work. I have helped more than 600 adults successfully find jobs they love. Time after time, I have helped clients find ways to beat the system and get jobs when no one seems to be hiring.

Take a look at my coaching services, listed under “One-on-one Coaching.” Request my free report on “5 Things to Take OFF Your Resume.” Sign up for my free e-zine. If you are ready to get started now, register for a free Career Strategy Session. I want to help YOU get back in the game, earning what you are worth, doing work you love.



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