Getting Started

This online learning lab is designed to “fill in the gaps” and supplement our one-on-one coaching sessions. Come here anytime during your job search to get a deeper understanding of the crucial steps of job seeking.

No job search flows evenly, going from one step to another. One day, we will be working on your resume, and the next day we could be preparing for a job interview. Come here to study and learn on your own. This content will always be available to you – for this job search and any to come.

You are now a part of the Career Passion Tribe. This Facebook group includes my current clients, alumni of Right Job Right Now, former clients, friends and fans. This is where I post wisdom about Career Changing and Job Seeking. You can feel comfortable in sharing all that you want and asking for help. Why not join a community of support? We’re here for you.

Please let me know if there is a topic you would like addressed in this learning lab. We are constantly seeking to make it more relevant and helpful.


On your side,