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Catherine Jewell has inspired business audiences for more than 15 years on topics such as career performance, presentations and motivation. Today, as a Career Coach and author, she has more than ever to offer business professionals. In her coaching practice, she sees the discouragement and heartbreak of careers that have been derailed.


She has the power and wisdom to clearly articulate what it takes to guide and build a successful career. Through her case studies and examples of real-life job seekers, she shows clearly how each person has the power to transform lack-luster performance into rock-star-quality work. Catherine understands your staff, because she works daily with those who are the most discouraged, disheartened and dissatisfied with their careers.


Jewell has an uncanny talent for customizing her content, so that your audience believes she knows you. With humor and wisdom, she helps your staff see meaning in their daily work. She literally helps them feel the passion of the great mission of your business.

Hire her to motivate your staff after a merger, reorganization, downsizing or any significant business change. She will motivate your staff with her simple-to-do shifts in attitude and behavior. She will enthrall your people with the insider secrets of successful office politics. She will captivate your audience with her stories of success!

Engage Catherine Jewell to put passion into your next keynote speech, convention breakout, motivational program, seminar or workshop.

Popular topics include:


From Pissed off to Passionate – How to go from discouraged to fired up about your career

Career Passion® – How to see it, keep it and repeat it for a happier life.

Find Your Passion, Create Your Perfect Work – Shift your thinking and create heaven-on-earth right where you work

Sex, Chocolate and Success – What is it you’re really working for?



Who’s Driving Your Career? – Professional growth and a feeling of power during turbulent times.

Smart workers realize that their “sure thing” could evaporate overnight because jobs and headcount are so sensitive to business changes. Rock stars are planning for change and growing each year, so that they are ready to transition when change inevitably comes. Professionals who can creatively envision their next career move often super-charge their performance right now and become your company’s rock stars. Jewell presents real-life case studies of professionals in your specific field moving into, up, or out of the profession. This workshop re-energizes, helping your workers grow and recapture the ambition and drive that you hired them for.

New Resume New Career – Get your next promotion with the skills and experience you already have!

Do you wish you could be taken more seriously as an internal candidate? Do you want to retool your career for greater responsibility and power? Catherine Jewell just wrote the book on today’s most powerful job-seeking and personal branding techniques – New Resume, New Career.” In this exclusive workshop session, she reveals how you can sharpen and focus your resume to win more opportunities – whether inside or outside your company. Our fast-paced session covers:

  • Giving your resume a facelift in 30 minutes or less
  • Customizing your resume for the job you want
  • Positioning your background as “perfect” for the job you are seeking
  • Five questions to uncover your special assets
  • Packing your resume with measurable career successes
  • Gaining confidence for your next move

Whether you are new to your profession, or feeling a little stagnant, this session provides the ideas and strategies to re-energize and revitalize your career.

Call Catherine Jewell today at 512-868-6886 for a free consultation about your special program. Each and every program is researched and customized to fit your program theme and the needs of your audience.