Work Easy, Live Well

My father worked very hard for 45 years. Then he died. He died never having done some of the things he and my mother dreamed of. He rarely took a vacation, and when he did, he would work like crazy before the vacation, then work round-the-clock to make up for “lost” time. I can remember the weeks our family camped at state parks. My father would “close the books” and join us on Wednesday or Thursday. He was a great accountant, but he never loved the work.

The world has changed a lot since 1933 when my father entered the work force. Now, we have more choices. We have resources, education, career guidance, family support and even a culture that encourages us to “find our passion” and “follow our bliss.”

Is your work your bliss? Were you eager to go to work this Monday? How can you find your life purpose? How can you work easy and live well? There are three ways I know for sure:

Choose work you love. While no JOB is completely loveable, the WORK can be. I love to speak and write. Do you love to manage a project, lead a team, counsel clients, work on budgets, or analyze data? What ever you do, choose work that you enjoy.

Choose work that’s easy. That’s right. Do what is easy for you! We are meant to work easy, not hard. Think about the thing you do better than your coworkers. Then, plan and scheme to get more of that work into your job.

Choose work that is selfless service to others. You will be more satisfied if your job involves giving. Sometimes your giving is the time you take to help a coworker, or listen to someone who is hurting. When your heart is in your work, you will find many ways to serve others.

My father accomplished much in his life. Accounting came easily for him. If he were here today, I would tell him that raising six children was selfless service. Two out of three ain’t bad. How about you? Can you find a way to Work Easy and Live Well?

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