Discover Your Career Passion™: Interview Mom and Dad

Jeremy Glick’s mom says he was obsessed with superheroes as a little boy. And on 9/11/2001, her cherished son became one. That fateful morning, the knife-wielding terrorists on Flight 93 thought they had cowed the 44 passengers and crew into submission.

Four courageous men realized the terrorists on board were probably planning to crash the flying bomb into our nation’s Capitol. With the phrase, “Let’s roll,” Todd Beamer led the group, including Jeremy Glick, in overpowering the terrorists and bringing down the plane.

Jeremy Glick’s mom was not surprised about her son’s heroic acts. She told about his interest in superheroes and remembered that as early as four years old, he told her: “Someday, Mom, I’m going save the world.”

You showed signs early in your life that you were on a path of contribution, even though your life story may not be as tragic or dramatic. Very perceptive moms will notice a Career Passion™ and say, “Susan loves animals. She could be a nurse.” Or,”Craig cares so deeply for people. He is my little counselor.” Or, “Cathy is so talkative. I see her in sales someday.”

To discover your Career Passion™, you can ask those who knew you as a child these questions:

Do you remember what I said when you asked: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

When I was young, did I talk repeatedly about some type of work?

Do you remember if any of my games imitated a grown-up career or job?

If you had to sum up my character or my way of being as a child, what words would you use? (For example: organizer, counselor, teacher, host, hero, problem-solver, creator, mentor, builder, persuader, risk taker, etc.)

Many of us will be going home for Thanksgiving or the Holidays. Be sure to connect with grade school and high school friends. Locate and meet with your favorite teachers. Honor them by telling them how they changed your life for the better with their influence.

Remember your dreams and look at how those dreams could be in your life today. Sometimes the connection won’t be perfect, but the spirit will be preserved. For example, the little girl who wanted to be an astronaut might get that spirit of adventure by leading wild life hikes. Or, perhaps it’s time for you, the software engineer, to go back to school to become a counselor. Whatever your dream, chances are, there’s still time to live it.

Go back to your roots to find your soul. The seeds of your perfect work could be waiting back home, with help from Mom and Dad.

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