Career Beauty Secrets

We all want to be attractive. Research has shown that more attractive people hold higher positions and are promoted more often. Handsome and pretty salespeople make more and larger sales. Here are some “beauty” tips for the workplace.

Look the part. A lot of attractiveness comes from looking appropriate for the environment. I have known film-makers who arrived for work in jeans and a flak jacket, filled with the tools of the trade. They looked attractive, because they were ready to work and their dress said: “I know what I am doing. I can work 14 hours and still keep performing.” My brother-in-law has a gray beard that he keeps impeccably trimmed and neat. He looks the part of the wise civil engineer. I would trust him to build anything. Dress at the same level as your boss. It will communicate ambition and confidence.

Clear out the old energy. How you look to others can literally be transformed when you change your mental attitude. If you are still angry or upset about a job issue, it will show up on your face and in your body language. Write about your anger; then burn the page. Make a list of the good things you learned from your last (or current) job. Focus on that — it will show on your face.

Get inspired. Today’s news is the same as yesterday’s — only the names have changed. Consider going on a “news diet.” Instead of listening to the news each morning, read something inspirational. Buy a CD series and listen to a great message on your commute each day. This will change your attitude, and give you something cheerful and interesting to say at work.

Put things that inspire you all around the house and office. As you receive those inspiring messages from the Internet, save a few and print them out. Put them on your computer monitor, on your mirror, on the back of the cabinet door. I have my favorite prayers on the kitchen cabinet door, right where I brew the coffee each morning. I read the prayers while I wait for that first cup. I get a spiritual high while waiting for my caffeine jolt.

Turn your focus outward. It’s a rule of the universe: you have to give before you get. Be concerned about others and they will be concerned about you. Help others and they will want to help you. Set out today to help someone else. You will become a magnet for people and good fortune! Regardless of how attractive you are physically, you will be “seen” as beautiful.

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