Are You Afraid at Work?

You may not want to admit it. It’s just a job, after all. A constant state of feeling anxious, worried or fearful can sap the joy out of your life. That’s no way to live, and there are cures for fear on the job. Here are the symptoms and remedies:

You feel indifferent: You write things off because you feel they aren’t important. You tell yourself that caring about a slight is just beneath you. You don’t want to be bothered with any task that isn’t absolutely required. Remedy: Begin expressing your positive feelings out loud more often. Say succinctly what treatment, policies and events make you happy. You will soon see the sunnier side of any situation.

You avoid making decisions: You can’t make up your mind. You don’t know if you should or shouldn’t do something. Or, you can’t decide if you should do A instead of B. So you do nothing! Remedies: Begin asking people you trust for their advice. This will help you develop new, close relationships. Another tactic is to set a deadline, saying, “I will gather information and make my decision by Friday at noon.” Then, keep your promise to yourself!

You procrastinate: You put things off until later. You defer action. You wait so long to do something that the window of opportunity opens and closes. You might even neglect completely an important task because you just can’t get started. Remedy: Break tasks into tiny, bite-size pieces. Promise yourself that you will take one or two small steps each day. Make the most difficult move first thing in the morning, when you are fresh and feeling most confident.

You are overly cautious. You check everything over and over and over again. Rather than stopping at 90%, you go for the perfect product every time. Remedy: Find a buddy and ask that person to check important work. Do the same for her. Trade compliments and support each other. Ask your supervisor for feedback: “I would like to know what you think of the proposal I wrote.” You just might discover that your boss has a high opinion of you and your work!

You worry about everything. You feel anxious. You’re uneasy about the new supervisor, the reorganization, the move to another office, the new product, the possible merger, etc. You don’t feel confident in preparing for meetings or presentations. Remedy: Create Plan B. Update your resume, prepare an exit plan, and evaluate your options. Know that your job may not be secure, but your skills and talents will always be needed. Even if your situation is insecure, YOU can be secure knowing who you are and what you have to contribute. Learn your Career Passion™ and go where you are appreciated!

If you react strongly to more than three of these conditions, it appears that you are not suited to your current job. Pick yourself up and move on. Consider a “Career Adjustment” to change your attitude.

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