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Thank you for your interest in becoming a reviewer for Empowered Networking

Thanks for your review of my new book Empowered Networking

Fill out this form to submit a review of my new book, Empowered Networking. If you produce an honest, 15- to 35-word review that I can print, you will immediately receive one of the valuable bonuses below. (Up to $1,000 value.)

By the way, your review only needs to be a few lines. Here are some samples to get you thinking:

“The Empowered Networking book gave me dozens of ideas to help me break through my fear of networking.”

“I always felt I was bothering people with networking requests. Now, I understand that it’s just a conversation. I feel empowered to search for job leads by talking to friends, family, and even complete strangers.”

“The title says it all. I now feel empowered with ideas, tips, and even scripts I can use in my networking. I started having networking conversations after reading just 3 chapters.”

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