Do you work like a dog?

When my husband travels on business, I find myself working all the time. I’ll wake up early with a mental list of 10 or 15 things I need to accomplish that day. Sometimes, I’ll eat all three meals at my desk, and literally work from morning until night. I caught myself telling a friend that […]

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Are you open and ready to receive?

My clients are resourceful, creative people with lots of ambition. Sometimes, I would say TOO MUCH. Not only do they do their jobs with Rock Star performance, they also work at being great moms and dads, serving their Church, volunteering at children’s schools and chauffeuring their kids to multiple activities—gymnastics, Tae-kwon-do, ballet, soccer, softball, band […]

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As quoted in Forbes…

Remember when a gold star from the kindergarten teacher was a big deal? Have you ever wished your parents would get just as excited about your adult achievements?   Well, that’s what I’m feeling this week – missing my mom and dad. Mom was the oldest of 9 children. Instead of going to college, she […]

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Can’t decide? Here’s 3 choices…

The world we live in is full of decision challenges. We are constantly faced with many options. This is a great thing, and a symptom of our prosperous lives, but it can be overwhelming. If we want to make a change in our lives, considering all the paths we could take can be overwhelming. The […]

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Overcoming Underearning

You may not fully recognize it, but you have a problem. You earn less than you are worth. You worry about money, and you’re not feeling financially secure. One year ago, I read a book that changed my thinking, then my life. “Overcoming Underearning” by Barbara Stanny is a masterpiece! In just 208 pages, she explains […]

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90 and Counting

My best friend Lee Moczygemba turned 90 yesterday. You would never believe her age—she is always impeccably groomed, professionally dressed, hair beautifully styled, jewelry enhanced, and nails perfect. She still networks, each time meeting someone, or several some ones, who can become her clients. At 90, she is still coaching, writing, and loving her career. […]

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That is a heavy word. When I was young, it was usually used as a demand for information, “Who is responsible for this broken lamp?” Later, I learned that every job has a list of responsibilities—things that you are expected to handle, no matter what. Even later, I took on the responsibility of parenthood. If […]

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2 coffees, 3 lunches

Losing that big contract was meant to be. I guess I needed to FEEL again the rejection, disappointment and outrage my clients feel. That was more than 2 years ago, and it still stings.  A little. I wrote this article to explain how I got a new, better client in 90 days. Hope this inspires […]