Do you trust your Career GPS?

Imagine you are driving from Austin, Texas to Santa Fe, New Mexico. You start out at night, and you have your GPS set. You don’t know the entire route. In fact, you can see just 300 feet ahead of you because of your car headlamps. Yet, you are willing to keep driving forward, not really […]


Lunch Ladies in Texas?

A job loss—even if voluntary – will often throw even the most clear-headed adult into a tizzy. Suddenly, the ego is confused about who it is. That happened to a client I’ll call Lunch Lady. Lunch Lady built a marketing program for a huge school system’s nutrition program in another state. She did it from […]


Irresistible You

“I want you on my team. What will it take to get you?” A dream? Not exactly. One of my clients just got a call like this from his future boss. He knows he can ask a bit more than the first offer. And, he knows that he is golden, a great asset because his […]


Dig your well before you’re thirsty

John Mackay, an envelope company owner from Minnesota, made himself famous by writing Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty, a book about networking BEFORE you are out of a job, desperate for someone to help you. Hey, what a concept. Today, I’m offering career coaching BEFORE you are out of work, desperate for someone to […]


Love the one you’re with

Too many people flee perfectly good jobs, because they don’t get along with the boss. It’s like leaving a bad marriage, and then realizing your next relationship is no better, because YOU are the constant. As the song says, “Love the one you’re with.”  You are at least 50% responsible for your relationship with the […]


Too old to make a career change?

Workers of all ages deserve to find career passion. Sometimes this is best achieved by leaving your job function, industry, or both. Sometimes it’s achieved by creating a new job, or your own business. In an excellent article at the www.flexjobs.com site, Beth Hering gives 5 tips for the middle-aged career changer. She quotes me […]


Are you wimpy or BOLD?

The economy used to have job seekers backed in a corner. With high unemployment rates and age discrimination, older workers (over 45) who lost their jobs were in a really tough spot. With the ever-changing landscape of jobs titles, it’s been hard for job seekers to keep up, stay current, and present themselves as viable […]


You’re all in or you’re out!

That’s the slogan for Tech Wildcatters, a mentor-driven seed fund and technology accelerator that invests money and resources in promising B2B startups. They attract only mentors and clients who are willing to get tough when the going gets rough. That’s like any recruiter. Recruiters put themselves on the line every day, because their clients need […]


Hate your boss? You can make it better.

I’ve had the opportunity to coach hundreds of workers in various stages of the job search process. If they are unhappy at work, nearly all of them focus their complaints around the relationship they have with their boss. Once we delve more deeply, however, we discover the real situation may turn out to be a […]


Do you work like a dog?

When my husband travels on business, I find myself working all the time. I’ll wake up early with a mental list of 10 or 15 things I need to accomplish that day. Sometimes, I’ll eat all three meals at my desk, and literally work from morning until night. I caught myself telling a friend that […]