Nothing lasts forever. If 2020 has taught us anything, we need to get that lesson.

Millions of Americans have lost their jobs, through no fault of their own. I hope and pray you have the network, the personal connections, and the will to get back in the game. I’ll write about the will in the next post.

Today, I want to speak to those of you who are still employed. That job that used to be “just right” can change on a dime because of market conditions, furloughs, cost-cutting, merger or purchase by another company. You may be thankful for employment, but the new terms of your work life might not suit you.

You’re uncomfortable. You’re worried. The ship may be going down with you in it.

It’s time to build a digital life raft that will save your professional life – and help you find new employment quickly. You need to focus on the two things that do last: the work you have done and the business relationships you have built. If you are suddenly terminated, you will lose access to all of this.

Many companies now terminate with a phone call, and within minutes, lock workers out of their PCs, freeze their email accounts, and revoke their network access. This could happen to you, today, next Friday or a month from now.

You need samples of your work product. While your company keeps the value of the work you have done, you should still have access to enough samples to prove what you can do. You need samples of: performance appraisals, proposals, presentations, ROI reports, project summaries, case studies and your work product. Make a list of your most current significant projects, and offload documents representing each one. These samples can be stripped free of company details, client names and so forth. Check the Non-Disclosure Agreement you signed when you came onboard.

You need your professional contacts database. All of us know, at the core, that we should be linking with the professional contacts we have at work. We talk every day with dozens of vendors, clients and coworkers. Those people know you best as a professional. They know you are a problem solver. They know you are competent, communicative and a great service provider. They know you as a persistent, pleasant and passionate worker. We know these people are our best supporters, yet we often fail to link with them on LinkedIn. We are left with the 100+ people who asked you to connect. Check now and see: you will be dismayed that the people who know you the best are NOT in your LinkedIn circle.  When the job ends (and it will someday) you will need these contacts to get back in the job market.

Your work samples and your business relationships belong to YOU. They are your digital life raft in the event of a storm. Promise yourself that THIS WEEK, you will build that life raft, transferring the data to your home computer. Be loyal to yourself and your family first.

Since I am not a digital wizard, I am providing an article from PC World, giving you specific instructions on how to build your life raft. Please, follow the link and begin the process of saving your professional life.

On your side,

Catherine Jewell
The Career Passion® Coach

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