These are strange times. Even if you feel secure in your job, it could go away. For no logical reason, and no fault of your own.

I know. My husband lost his job 3 weeks and 4 days ago. He was well respected. He was “one of” in his organization, doing what he thought was an essential job. He was facilitating multi-million-dollar sales—two or three times each month. He was honored with the highest peer awards, and the best scores on performance reviews. Yet, he was let go with a phone call at 2:00 PM the day we returned from vacation.

We could say there was no warning. But, seriously? How about COVID-19? How about the others who were let go? How about the complete chaos most companies are in, scrambling to maintain sales when the whole world is wary about the future. When people are afraid to plan ahead, because plan after plan has to be altered.

My husband is one of the lucky ones. He got a reasonable severance package that might last through his job search. But, he’s also lucky because he has help, right here at home, when he needs it.

I’m discovering, first hand, that the services I’ve offered in the past are welcomed and helpful. Rewriting a resume and LinkedIn Profile, registering on the right job boards, and reconnecting with former colleagues all work. And, they are still useful and even critical in these crazy, online-only times.

None of these ordinary job seeking techniques help deal with the shock and soul-sucking hurt that comes with a job loss. Your very identity is threatened. Your world is upside down. The shock and hurt come in waves. One day you feel great, the next you want to cry, curl up in a ball, and quit.

All of this requires a special change of thoughts. When you rearrange your thinking, you come out of shock and move into action. It’s not easy, but it’s a simple process. One that works.

If you know someone who is in shock over a job loss, consider gifting them Job Loss After-Shock Treatment sessions with me. It’s a great introduction to a kind, compassionate coach who will help them see there is a way forward. They leave with a clear plan for the job search, and a new attitude. Most of all, they can forgive and feel confident again.

Call me at 512-868-6886 and I’ll discuss my special rates right now.

On your side,

Catherine Jewell
The Career Passion® Coach

PS: If you feel therapy is needed, here are some free resources during Covid-19.

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