I’m just recovering from a whirlwind of doctor’s appointments, medical tests and 2 surgeries. I have a touch of Breast Cancer. And, when I say touch, I mean it. Just a pea-size, Stage 1A cancer. I found out on Monday that the lymph nodes are not affected, so I am clear after the surgery + radiation + medication routine.

This little “break” in my routine has caused me to rethink a lot of things:

  • My family life
  • My business life
  • My relationship with the Divine
  • My use of Time
When people ask me about my family, I’ll talk enthusiastically about my 4 grandchildren and what they’re up to. I’ll tell them about my 3 step children, and their spouses and significant others. I’ll tell about my son and his wonderful family. I’ll tell you about dinners for 18, overnights with the grands, and week-long babysitting. Why do I spend this time and energy? Love, actually. 

When people ask about my business life, I tell them enthusiastically about someone who just got a new position and a 36% increase in income. Or, I talk about the challenges of making a career change and how I can help. Why do I continue my business? Love, actually. 

When people ask about my beliefs in God, Christ and any form of the Divine, I will share my own path and discovery that God is my friend and closest confidant. He is also the best counselor, ever. Why do I spend time each day in meditation and prayer? Love, actually. 

When people ask about my use of time, why I’m so busy, and why I’m so rushed, I have to stop and think. Am I doing all that I’m doing for LOVE? Do I love what I do? Do I love the results I’m getting? 

WOW. These questions put it all in perspective: 

“Why am I doing what I’m doing? 

“Is there a way I can focus more on doing what I love? 

If you want some help with this process, I have a wonderful Career Blueprint Session to help you plan 2018 and beyond. I am offering this in the month of January at a special price. Email me at[email protected] if you would like pricing and an appointment. 

BTW, I am still in business, seeing clients, helping people upgrade their careers. I promise to be responsive to your needs, and help you get results you love. 

Have a great Holiday Season and accept all the love that’s coming to you. Give all the love in your heart. Love, actually, is all there is.
On your side,
Catherine Jewell
The Career Passion® Coach
PS: The Career Passion® Coach will be on vacation December 23-January 1. Please connect with me by email during the one-week break and we’ll set up a time to talk.


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