My friends and family know that I LOVE a party. So, I attend nearly every one I’m invited to, and I throw a lot of parties myself.

Do you stop to celebrate your wins?
Is it common for you to go out for dinner to mark an interview, a birthday, or an anniversary? Do you send cards and telephone friends and family on special days?

Don’t wait until the end of your journey to celebrate. Celebrate you and your loved ones for every achievement, no matter how small. It is in the celebration that we acknowledge how far we’ve come.

I’m excited to invite you to celebrate Career Passion® Coach. On August 3, I will officially be in business for 20 years! The Career Coaching was there from the beginning – while I supplemented my income doing corporate training. The NAME Career Passion Coach came along in 2003, suggested by a client who was struggling to find her passion. I am the coach I am today because of YOU.

As my clients and advocates, I’d love to see you and celebrate in Austin on August 3. Tickets are limited. So, if you want to come, please sign up now. Here’s the link:

On your side,

Catherine Jewell

The Career Passion® Coach

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