I’ve had the privilege of working with several executive clients who make the BIG BUCKS – the kind of money you read about in Forbes or Fortune Magazine. After years at that level, a shift in mindset happens and the person thinks:

“Is this all there is? Why I am busting my butt for this company?”

Then, it comes down to the money. High income can keep you in chains just the same as low income. On both ends of the economic spectrum, there are key emotional, psychological and spiritual needs that are not being met.

“Do we have a right to a better work environment?”
“Does that right come only with power, authority and prestige?”

We are fortunate enough to live in a land of plenty. Most of us have the education and expertise to support our families well – beyond even the wildest dreams of our parents and grandparents. Yet, we want more. In every week, there are 112 hours of awake time. Most Americans work 50 of those hours, or nearly HALF their waking lives!

For your next position, why not go for PASSION? Why not screen your future employer as carefully as they screen you? Why not take on the role of the selective shopper? Here are some ideas:

Things to Want in Your Next Position

  1. More flexibility with your work schedule
  2. A chance to build a team and develop your people
  3. A chance to make a big impact on the business by innovating
  4. Time for professional development
  5. Appropriate boundaries – for personal time and total number of hours worked
  6. Back-up for more mundane functions – not perpetually “on call”
  7. Visibility and influence with the highest level of C-Suite Executives
  8. Meaning – a feeling that what you do at work matters
  9. Legacy – a chance to literally change lives with your work
You deserve the best. You have earned it. Let me help you position yourself for a job that feeds your soul.

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