You’re probably jealous of European workers who get 8 WEEKS of vacation and holidays each year. I remember asking a Canadian client, “Can we do the training in August?” And, he replied, “No, I take August as holiday.”

“The whole MONTH?” “Yes.”

When Americans do have time off, we fill it with children’s sports, shopping, housework, yardwork and home improvements. Do you EVER just give yourself a break? Here are some ideas for this Memorial Day weekend:

  1. STOP reading and answering emails. Nothing you receive from Saturday to Monday evening is likely to be earth-shattering. You will be amazed how refreshed you can feel with this little break.
  2. GIVE UP your digital devices. This is a really tough one. Those who do will experience a significant shift toward peace. You could try half-way and only text and talk with family and friends.
  3. READ a paper book. Go to a coffee shop or a park and just sit quietly. Read if you like, or just do some people-watching.
  4. If you entertain, keep it SIMPLE. Buy the BBQ. Use paper plates. Spend more time sitting and talking than you do working.
  5. Have one UNSCHEDULED day. In other words, make Saturday, Sunday or Monday completely free of anything with a time on it. Then, relax. Stay in bed an extra hour. Linger over morning coffee. Sit and watch your kids play. Go to a movie on the spur of the moment. Do whatever the spirit moves you to do. You will be amazed at how LONG the day seems.
  6. Capture your THOUGHTS. Trust me, without a lot of digital interference, you are going to think more deeply and get new insights about your life. Capture the thoughts you have in a notebook or journal.
When you DO have time off, use it well to refresh your mind, body and spirit.

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