Do you remember being so young that if someone asked you to play, you wouldn’t hesitate one moment? You’d say: SURE!

I just spent 5 days babysitting my two grandboys, ages 5 and 3-1/2. During our amazing time together, they discovered:
  • An ant hill in the back yard.
  • How to blow up an ant hill.
  • How to get water from the outside spigot and efficiently make lots of mud.
  • How to create an ant city, with streets and houses, and a river.
  • How to make a swimming pool for ants, complete with a popsicle-stick diving board!
The excitement was palpable. The fun only stopped for dinner, baths and bedtime.

Then, we grow up. In our pursuit of good grades and praise, we stop experimenting. We stop singing off key, playing hacky-sack, trying to juggle, and whistling just because it’s fun.

What if you brought your sense of wonder and childlike creativity to your Career Change? Here are some ideas:

  • Start conversations with complete strangers. Ask people you see at the coffee shop what they do for a living. How long have they worked there? What do they like about it?
  • Have an Informational Interview with someone you KNOW can’t help you. Find out why the US Postal worker or the Starbucks barista or the grocery store check-out person likes their job. Ask about the good parts, and start making notes.
  • Get to know business owners in your neighborhood. It’s lonely sometimes being an entrepreneur. Get friendly and find out how they started the business, and what kind of work they did before.
  • When someone invites you to a new place, say “SURE.”New experiences, whether a music venue, a new restaurant, a concert, a festival, or a park can all spark your creative mind.
  • Follow your heart. Want to contribute by being in healthcare? The industry is 20% of our economy. There IS a job in healthcare that you can do with your current skills. (Ask me about the Program Manager, the IT professional, the Event Manager and the HR generalist who all moved over.)
Playmates or siblings say “You’re copying me!” That’s the way we learn. Make your job search an adventure. Explore how others did it – and copy them.
On your side,
Catherine Jewell
The Career Passion® Coach
PS: I was inspired by both the grandboys AND a wonderful newsletter I get 5 days a week. It’s called the Daily Flame by Lissa Rankin. If you need a lift, I can’t recommend it enough. It’s a dose of love and positivity each day.

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