If establishing new habits is exciting to you, here are some Career-Building Habits to consider:
  1. Make 5 calls each week, just to reconnect with people. You will be building friendships, where others have networks. When you need help, you have a willing support system.
  2. Find a way to complement your boss, your team, or another department that supports you.
  3. Write up results or project summaries; share them internally and keep hard copies in your personal file.
  4. Keep a “Personal Portfolio File.”In it, put hard copies of your performance reviews, resume, biography, professional picture, behavioral assessments, etc. This is the file that you grab if they walk you out the door.
  5. Keep hard copies of all congratulatory notes and emails in your Portfolio File.
  6. Once a week, have lunch with another professional you’ve just met; cement the relationship with a LinkedIn invitation to connect, and a follow up email.
  7. Research job titles when you hear a new one. Check www.Indeed.com and other job sites to read job descriptions to see if they are right for you.
  8. Research companies when you first hear their name.Discover their line of work and look for their values and mission. Follow the ones that interest you on LinkedIn.
  9. Check www.Glassdoor.com to learn more about company culture and salaries.
  10. Get involved in your local professional association. Put the monthly meeting on your calendar. Find out how you can volunteer to get to know other professionals. This is the most targeted, most effective networking you will ever do.
  11. Look for opportunities to share your professional insights. Write for your company’s blog or newsletter. Join LinkedIn groups and contribute to forums. Start your own blog.
  12. Keep evolving your LinkedIn Profile. As you grow and achieve, make sure your summary includes your latest triumphs.
These are all actions you will take in an active job search, but if you’re serious about your career, make them habits of your everyday life.

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