Job Seeking can seem like one, big, chaotic ball of effort – Disjointed phone calls, “almost right” job leads, deadly networking events, and happenstance conversations that go nowhere.

Any BIG change begins with SMALL actions, performed on a regular basis.
 It begins with simple HABITS that, over time, will yield big results. Michael Hyatt recently published a brilliant piece on When and How to Use Habits to Achieve Your Goals. I won’t repeat all the ideas here, but I think there is a lesson for anyone who is seeking a career change.

You can use habits when you have a vague aspiration: “I want to be more recognized for my contributions at work.”You could set a habit goal like this: “I will spend 20 minutes each Friday summarizing my team’s progress and sending an email to my boss and his boss, beginning this week, for 26 weeks in a row.”

You can use a habit as a step in completing a goal: “I will make three job applications each week, using a customized version of my resume, for 8 weeks, beginning April 1.” To make a step habit work, you can use the Jerry Seinfeld method – just give yourself a check mark for each time you complete the task. He famously used this method to force himself to write – even for a few minutes – each day.
You can even use an app called Habit Bull, which can allow you to track good habits, or track breaking bad habits. You can create your own frequency and set reminders. Most important, you can identify your Steak Target. This is the timeframe that you believe is necessary to make the action a habit that lasts. Some experts say 30 days, but Michael Hyatt suggests 70.

If establishing new habits is exciting to you, watch for next week’s newsletter. I’ll give you the top 12 habits that can change your career.

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