Workers of all ages deserve to find career passion. Sometimes this is best achieved by leaving your job function, industry, or both. Sometimes it’s achieved by creating a new job, or your own business.

In an excellent article at the site, Beth Hering gives 5 tips for the middle-aged career changer. She quotes me on the topic of confidence:

“The special challenges of changing careers in mid-life are mostly between your ears,” says Catherine Jewell, the Career Passion Coach and author of New Resume New Career. “We have been conditioned to think that we must ‘work our way up’ or that over 50 is ‘too old to contribute.’ The reality is that 50+ and even 60+ aged workers are more reliable, more professional, and wiser than the youngsters. The problem is not convincing the recruiter, it’s convincing yourself so that you present as a confident job seeker.”

If you’d like to read the whole article, here’s the link:

If you want to build your confidence as a job seeker, I’m here for you.

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