The economy used to have job seekers backed in a corner.

With high unemployment rates and age discrimination, older workers (over 45) who lost their jobs were in a really tough spot. With the ever-changing landscape of jobs titles, it’s been hard for job seekers to keep up, stay current, and present themselves as viable candidates.

That eshy2nds NOW!

  JobVite has just released a survey into the mind of American job seekers:

  • 50% of employed job seekers see their current position as a placeholder.
  • 45% of workers are satisfied in their current job, but open to a new one.
  • 32% of job seekers leave for higher pay; 16% for growth opportunities.

Employers: you are officially on notice. It you want retention, you need to up your game around compensation and opportunity for growth.

Job Seekers: NOW is the time to quit being wimpy about your job search. There’s lot of opportunity out there and it’s ready for the taking. For each person who vacates a job, there is a job waiting for you. How about taking BOLDER steps to get the job you really want?

Here are some ideas to transform your WIMPY job search into a BOLD one:

  1. Don’t look for a new job. Look for a new boss. Ask around. Talk to your friends about corporate culture and, yes, their immediate supervisor. Go where the atmosphere suits you. Use LinkedIn to find your next supervisor, then approach him/her directly with a message that you are available. Chances are, you’ll catch a job when it is just a twinkle in the eye. No competition + referred by a friend = slam dunk.
  2. Connect with recruiters. Lots of them. There are some who say that fully 32% of LinkedIn users are recruiters. Recruiters will link with anyone. Do an advanced search to find the recruiters in your target company. Send an email. Introduce yourself. Get a relationship going.
  3. Re-write your LinkedIn Profile. Fill it with key words. When recruiters search, they are looking for key words in your job category. The more key words, the higher your name appears. Keep scanning job descriptions for new ways to say what you do. Then, add those words, several times, to you profile and job history.
  4. Be more accessible. Put you phone number in your LinkedIn headline. When recruiters need someone, they don’t want to have to play detective to find you.
  5. Answer your phone! When you’re in the job hunt, keep your cell phone handy and answer calls, especially from people you don’t know.
  6. Get inside. Network your way to employees (or future coworkers) inside the company. Schedule time to talk. Understand the culture by asking really great questions.
  7. Follow-up. Recruiters are likely to be on the phone between 30 and 70 times a day! That’s a lot of people, a lot of names, a lot of stories. If you have a hot lead, follow-up with the recruiter twice in one week. Yes, Tuesday and Friday, for example. Each time, remind the recruiter who you are and what job you are right for. When you don’t get a call, it’s because they’re talking to the 30 people who were brave enough to pick up the phone!

Being BOLD shows you are self-directed, self-motivated and creative. What future boss can resist that?

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