I used to live a one-day, some-day life. I was always thinking that one day my contribution would be noticed at work. I’d get praise from the top executive, maybe get a raise, and certainly a promotion, some day.

Then, I discovered goal setting and planning. At first, I’d start with just a few goals, handwritten in my journal on January 1st. You know, things like “lose 10 pounds by February 28” and “quit smoking for good this year.”

compassBut I often left my career to chance. I was raised with the idea that if I did a great job, I would be noticed and rewarded, all in good time. Then, I met Jeff. He was hired 2 years after me, in the same position – same title, same degree, from the same college. I found out he was making $5,000 more than I was! Within six months, he was promoted. Within 2 years, he had left the firm and moved to another advertising opportunity in a larger market.

You see, Jeff knew how to work it. He understood how to get noticed, how to self-promote and how to get his great work appreciated. He was a Rock Star employee before people used that term. I took what I learned from Jeff and put it into my Career Roadmap.

If you’d like help creating your Career Roadmap, I’m taking appointments now for one-on-one sessions. You get:

  1. A 90-minute online session to co-create your Career Roadmap
  2. Review of your current resume
  3. Follow-up telephone coaching session in 60 days

Here’s the link to request your session:

The Career Roadmap process is designed to get fast results, by working with the job you currently have. It helps you get noticed, work towards a promotion, get a raise, or even win a better job!

I’m looking forward to working with you one-on-one. I know we can create a plan to help you get the job, status and income you deserve.

PS: Jeff came back to the agency 4 years later. By then, he was making double my salary. Instead of resenting his success, I befriended him and began to use his techniques to create my own Rock Star success. Let’s do it for you.

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