My clients are resourceful, creative people with lots of ambition. Sometimes, I would say TOO MUCH.

Not only do they do their jobs with Rock Star performance, they also work at being great moms and dads, serving their Church, volunteering at children’s schools and chauffeuring their kids to multiple activities—gymnastics, Tae-kwon-do, ballet, soccer, softball, band and theatre. You name it, and they are involved.

To receive, you need an opening—in your schedule.

It takes time to do the activities that will give you a new position – networking with others, going to professional meetings, looking online for opportunities, customizing your resume, writing cover letters, following up, etc.

So, in order to really advance your career, you may need to pull back from some of the commitments that are overwhelming you. You may need to GIVE UP something in order to MAKE ROOM for something more.

This works amazingly well. When I need to generate new clients, I simply make new client folders and begin blocking out appointment times on my calendar. Once, I felt very confident and created 10 new folders. Within 7 days, I had attracted 10 new clients! Sound like hocus-pocus?

It worked because I was open, ready to receive and ready to serve. Something changed in the way I wrote emails. My voice had a different quality when I talked on the phone. My attitude toward new opportunities changed, and the universe provided.

Here’s my challenge to you, whether you are looking to advance your career where you are, or looking for a change:

  1. Give up the ONE activity that no longer provides satisfaction or results.
  2. Schedule 2 evenings a week (or 2 three-hour blocks during the day) for some serious internet job searching, research and marketing yourself.
  3. Find 2 hours, Saturday or Sunday, to spend in quiet, thinking, writing and working on your career.
  4. Find and join ONE professional association where you can regularly meet new people in your chosen career.

Open your schedule, open your heart, and watch what can happen!

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