Remember when a gold star from the kindergarten teacher was a big deal? Have you ever wished your parents would get just as excited about your adult achievements?
Well, that’s what I’m feeling this week – missing my mom and dad. Mom was the oldest of 9 children. Instead of going to college, she stayed home after high school and made clothes for her siblings, grandparents and parents. Later, she took a job as a bookkeeper.

She always wanted to be a writer, a journalist. Marriage and 6 children in 10 years got in the way. I wish she were alive today to see my three books in print, and to read the draft of the “big one” that is coming out next year. She was my biggest cheerleader and validator.

This year, I got quoted extensively in For the second year in a row. If you want to read a hopeful view of job hunting, here’s the link:

Mom, hope I made you proud.

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