Wait, wait before you leave for Thanksgiving…

87.5% of Viable Job Leads Come from Friends and Family

Holiday turkey dinnerOK, I made that up. But, my experience shows that most of my clients – about 8 out of 10 end up getting the “right” job lead from a friend, family member, or new acquaintance in a networking situation.

LinkedIn is important, because you can learn what jobs are available, and research companies. You can also search for people in your network who work at your target company, and ask them for an information interview.

It’s all about talking to people.

Whether you are traveling home or staying put, chances are this 4-day weekend will provide lots of opportunities to meet with people – people who have great jobs, with progressive companies. Don’t pass up the opportunity to talk a little about work.

If you’d like some great questions to ask, just email me. I’ll send you my very best.

PS: Can you really use the Holiday Season to find a job? You bet, read about it in my exclusive interview on the Forbes Magazine blog.

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