Mid School Essay Writing Tips

In mid school, you are expected to start moving away from a more simplistic style of writing, and adopt one which is more sophisticated in tone. The essays themselves will mostly still be given to you as unchangeable titles, but for the most part research is up to you. Make your essay stand out by adopting a new stance on a title; you will get more points if you choose a more specific point of research, and might even learn something new and interesting which takes your interest while doing it!

The essay structure you are expected to use is probably still quite strict in mid school, since experimenting with different forms is best left until after those forms are learned and understood. It is best to stick solidly with the structure that has been given, and instead choose where the different pieces of your research are going to go. Remember that an outline is not set in stone; just because you write something down, doesn’t mean that its final form needs to be the exact same thing in the exact same place. Having an outline, however, is very useful, as it allows for noting down key points and ideas.

Article was written by Ann, part time blogger from essaybasics.com


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