My best friend Lee Moczygemba turned 90 yesterday. You would never believe her age—she is always impeccably groomed, professionally dressed, hair beautifully styled, jewelry enhanced, and nails perfect. She still networks, each time meeting someone, or several some ones, who can become her clients. At 90, she is still coaching, writing, and loving her career.

Lee reinvented herself at age 50 when she experienced burnout as an administrative assistant at Exxon. She had attended training events and dreamed of becoming a speaker herself.  Without experience as a trainer, as a speaker, or as an entrepreneur, she created her own business. She taught what she needed to learn – Confidence. She added in Communication and Professionalism. It was tough, but she was tougher. For 18 years, Lee traveled the United States and the world—motivating and inspiring thousands of people.

Life balance was a bit of a problem. So, at age 68 she tried retirement for a few months. She was miserable. That’s when she reinvented herself again, creating a speakers bureau with a coaching program for emerging speakers. Sunday night 60 people came to honor Lee; many spoke about her and most everyone had the same, wonderful ideas to share.

Here are some ideas that might help you – in your present career or in finding your ideal calling:

If you dream it, you can do it. That career you’ve been thinking about IS possible. The fact that you want it tells me that you have some special talent that is begging to be expressed. Will you have to learn? Yes. Can you? Of course. 

Keep making friends. The startling thing about Lee’s party is that half the attendees were under 50. Lee is tenacious in making new friends. When she networks, she focuses on people who have a spark—someone she believes has talent. She connects with them and makes a friend. In the same way, be tenacious in bringing new people into your life. Nearly anyone can help you in your career—but you have to befriend them. Be a friend and you will have many friends.

Keep learning. Read the new literature in your field and in the field of job hunting. Search the internet for advice and ideas. You have the world’s knowledge—about any topic—right there at your fingertips.

Delegate what you don’t want to do. If you are starting a business and really LOVE creating websites, great. But, if there’s a steep learning curve and you don’t really like it, partner with someone else. Trade services if you can’t afford to pay for them. Focus on getting better at the skills you want to be paid for.

Be charismatic. Ask people about their dreams, skills and talents. Be interested in who they are. You will find that people are drawn to you—as if by a magnet. You become charismatic by caring about others and helping them with your own special gifts. All your giving will be returned!

Be determined. The most important asset for any entrepreneur or job seeker is belief. Believe that the next interview will be THE ONE. Believe in yourself, even when you face disappointment. Don’t take NO as an absolute. Remember, NO really means, “not now” or “not here.” Keep moving on to the next idea, the next job opening, the next prospect, or the next interview.

There’s so much more, I could write a book.  But, then, Lee is writing her own.

Be like Lee. Enjoy the wonderful life you have and keep working toward your dream life. You may not WANT to work when you are 90, but I hope you are filled with a joy for life—with passion—until the end of your days.

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