I recently had the pleasure of speaking to the Launchpad Job Club, Hired Texas Job Club and job seekers in a University of Texas Informal Class–offering a free 25-minute consultation to everyone in the audiences. Since then I’ve been VERY busy talking to people about their careers.

It’s easy to tell within the first 45 seconds whether they are going to work with me–or any career Coach. How?

Some of them know too much.

Hey, this is the information age. We can never know too much, right? Wrong.

When faced with mountains of information, the wise person realizes that we can’t know the answers. Particularly to complex questions like: What is my life purpose? What job will give me the satisfaction and motivation that I desire? What companies have the right cultural fit for me? Where can I apply my skills and talents and be on the leading edge again?

My role as a Career Coach is to help my clients un-know conclusions they may have reached months or years ago. Conclusions like these:

  • Working in X industry means long hours and no family time.
  • All jobs in Y are being off-shored.
  • Z Companies are laying off workers. No need to apply there.
  • There aren’t enough jobs for people with my skills.

Does this sound like a news report? I hope so, because the news media would have job seekers believe gloom and doom. They host so-called experts shouting their opposing views at one another. It’s hard as consumers to avoid–or discount–all that conflict and negativity.

When you KNOW that these negative conclusions are truth, no realistic action can be taken. We feel trapped, frozen in our small, negative view of the world. I see the opposite.

  • Technology companies, even if struggling, still hire thousands of workers who are building careers there.
  • There is a high demand for American project managers who can manage Global teams.
  • Companies are hiring workers in new, leading edge functions.
  • Some manufacturing plants are now virtual or “in the cloud.”
  • Keeping job skills up to date might be as simple as taking a new assignment, doing serious research, finding contract work between jobs, or getting a new certificate.

Any situation can be turned to your advantage. You just have to ask the right questions:

  • How can I reframe my experience to win one of the new leading-edge jobs?
  • What skills and experience are the new positions asking for?
  • How can I learn more in order to earn more?
  • What do I have that sets me apart from other job seekers?
  • How can I best tell the story of my career, presenting my experiences as assets?

If you are willing to ask the right questions, I am here to guide you. You will find that not knowing can actually bring back some of that child-like wonder that’s been missing from your career–perhaps for a long time.

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