This economy has made employers a little squirrely. In my 15 years as a Career Coach, I’ve heard some whopper stories. One client interviewed by phone in April, in person in July, and received an offer in November. It’s a great job, but boy, did he have to be patient! On a hunch, another client sent an email to a company where he had interviewed four months earlier. Just a simple note: “Hey, I was wondering, did you ever fill that position?” By return email, he got a job offer—at 20% above his current salary! One minute he was an unsuccessful interview candidate, the next minute, he had a new job.

Goofy stuff is going on in the marketplace. Managers are struggling because they have to strictly enforce some kind of headcount figure dictated by the home office, the front office or maybe the receptionist! Who knows? Anyway, jobs appear and disappear in an instant. You might knock it out of the ballpark in an interview, and then lose the job because of some reorganization or change. Clearly, you have no control, and there’s luck involved. What does that mean for you, the hapless job seeker?

Don’t be afraid to re-connect with employers you talked to 3 – 6 months ago. Things might have changed dramatically. The candidate they chose might have bombed. They could be hiring now when they weren’t before. Use any excuse to reconnect—“I have a new resume.” “I’ve gained some contract experience,” or even “I was wondering if that position was filled.”

Keep lots of leads in play. Don’t sit and wait for your dream job to come through. You should have a minimum of THREE great job leads in the works at all times. (That means you are actively talking to a hiring manager or in the interview process with three different companies.) When one lead drops off, try to fill it with another great lead within that week.

Increase your level of activity. Apply for more jobs. Have more information interviews. Invite more former colleagues, friends and clients to coffee. You’ll be shocked and surprised at the great ideas that come out of a casual meeting.

Remember, you only need ONE job. It’s out there, and it could have appeared just this morning.

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