Time and time again, I see job seekers who find the “perfect” job for them. Then, they lose the opportunity and feel they have to start all over again. They direct all their efforts toward that one job. Their hearts are set on it. Then, the job posting closes, they don’t get a call, and they lose before the race begins. To avoid this deflating feeling, you need to have many job prospects in play. For my clients, I recommend at least five. Here are some ideas, just in case you are “starting over” your job search after a disappointment:

1. Consider other jobs at the same company. It’s likely that the company has more than one open position if they are hiring. Apply for several others that fit your skills.

2. Approach the company from all angles. Tell your friends and family you want a job with a particular company. Then ask, “Do you know anyone who works there?” When you get a yes, make arrangements to have an Information Interview with that person. Your goal: inside information about company structure, executives, departments, new products, distribution channels–the whole nine yards. An insider can tell you what’s likely to happen in the next few weeks and months. If the person is impressed with you, there’s a chance they will hand deliver or email your resume to just the right manager. That’s a perfect scenario — a manager asking HR about a candidate. You are much more likely to be considered because the employee’s effort is an implied endorsement of YOU.

3. Keep searching on your job title in the job boards. Things change daily. Keep searching for new job boards that specialize in your type of work. As you learn about jobs similar to yours, search on those new job titles. Chances are, your marketing background will transfer nicely to ANY marketing, merchandising, or sales support role. Become an expert in the job titles you are suited for.

4. Consider businesses that are vendors or customers. You already know people in these companies because you talk to them every day. Choose a few people you can trust and tell them, “I’m on the look out for a new opportunity. I would really appreciate your help in getting an interview with your company. Do you know of any positions that might be right for me?” If your boss finds out, just brush it off saying, “I’m always looking to improve myself, but I’d really rather grow with this company.” You’ve expressed your loyalty and put your supervisor on notice — you are a person on the move!

5. Study your target company and approach competitors, vendors and customers. Your skills in that industry will likely work whether your talking computers, or computer parts. Go after all the related companies you can think of.  Go directly to their company websites to apply.

With these five tips you can hopefully revive your job search. When you get a disappointment, just say, “Next!” as if you were saying “Yes” to the next employer lined up to hire you.

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